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31 January 2015 @ 10:00 pm
Right now I am feeling so many conflicting emotions. Since I used to find peace here, I've come with my thoughts.

A few years ago in July, my biological father died. After reconnecting with my distant family a few months later I went to my granddad's 88th birthday in August. After the trip I fell out with my aunt because of her suspicious behavior. She asked for my social security information in order to process a claim left for me and my half siblings, supposedly, under her name.

Why would he have left the policy in her name when he had descendants and a wife at the time?

It was suspect, my mom called her out. We fell out.

I still don't know what the truth of the matter is.

A few months later in January, my granddad died. No one called me. Not even my step sister who I'm Facebook friends with mentioned anything.

My grandfather appeared in my dream, he was searching hard for me and couldn't reach me, but I saw him. Just like years before that when I saw my grandmother in a dream and then called my aunt only to find out she was dead.

I called my granddad, but he didn't answer the phone after the dream. I thought maybe he had moved to Richmond with my aunt or something.

At work I tried to search my biological father's obit online, but found my granddad's. I'm sure that he's the only one in that family who truly cared about me.

My aunt never told me when my grandmother died, I found out months ago. It didn't occur for her to reach out to me, because I didn't give her my kidney when she was sick. I was a high schooler, and can't remember ever meeting my grandmother, so why would I donate my kidney? My mom thought it was too risky at my age anyway.

Anyways, my grandfather's old house was foreclosed. I didn't look into either. I feel guilty I didn't, because that means my aunt put a loan on his house he may have never known about, since he was blind.

My aunt is a snake. I should find out what's going on and stomp her greedy plans, but I keep burying this feeling.
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01 January 2009 @ 04:52 pm
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